CD "FORKOLOR" / Forkolor Saxophone Quartet

review by Tony Lakatos:

This recording is a perfect mix of classical saxophone quartet, jazz bebop language and Eastern European folk/gypsy music. These are four amazing, talented musicians led by Vladimir Karparov, who formed Forkolor to play their original compositions. Each one of them writes differently and puts their own background in the product. Probably that is the reason why this CD is so colorful and diverse. Using a shepherd's flute player and folklore drumming on three tracks makes the music even richer. Fantastic saxophone playing, beautiful compositions and very well recorded! Highly recommended from Tony Lakatos.


review by Peter Weniger:

Forkolor has its own sound! The stylistic range of the quartet is breathtaking. All four players convince with their largest virtuosity and musical integrity. Vladimir Karparov managed to form an exceptionally acting Saxophone Quartet, which combines tradition and modernity in a convincing manner and expanded horizons.