Katya Tasheva was born and raised in the Bulgarian city of Varna. Already as a small child she discovered music and singing, which have a central role in her life. After graduating from high school, she moved to Berlin to study communication science and social and cultural anthropology at the Freie Universität. Through her studies, her gift for languages, but especially through her interactions with people from every corner of the world, for whom Berlin had become a home away from home, she discovered the great social role of music and, specifically, of song singing. It was soon confirmed that this was her vocation, and she made it her goal to learn various popular and folkloric styles of singing.
Folk singing styles, such as jazz, soul, hip hop, opera, electronic, the different traditions of Bulgarian folk singing, as well as singing from other countries of the Balkans, Latin America and the Middle East. Thanks to this ability, Katya Tasheva joined numerous musical projects with which she had the opportunity to gain international stage experience.
From 2006 to 2011 she was part of the Bulgarian Orthodox Choir as well as the folklore choir "Bulgarian Voices Berlin", where she met the saxophonist Vladimir Karparov. In 2011, with "Bulgarian Voices Berlin" and Karparov, she participated in the successful international dance/music production "Le Savali" with director Lemi Ponifasio from New Zealand and music director Fabrizio Cassol from Belgium. With the electronic world music band "Sonora Milagrosa" Katya Tasheva and her colleagues allowed themselves to playfully combine and electronically reinterpret Latin American and Balkan musical traditions. Her voice was heard in the dance performance "Gravity" by choreographer Ming Poon with dancers from the Dance Academy in Singapore.
In 2011 she founded the vocal group for Bulgarian folk music "Peperuda", which quickly became a Berlin insider tip and accompanied various Berlin musicians, such as the bands Ofrin, Knoblauch Klezmer Band, and singer Dury de Bagh. In 2013, the improvisational project "Hakafot" by Oori Shalev with Katya Tasheva as the main vocalist, opened the Jewish Music Festival in Warsaw, Poland.
Since 2011, Katya Tasheva has been the main vocalist of two Berlin bands: "Rotfront", which as part of the "Russendisko" tradition is experiencing European-wide success with its combination of Eastern European music, rock, ska, reggae and hip hop, and "Mr. Zarko", a band with a talented international crew that gives a theatrical-improvisational touch to Balkan music. Since 2016 she has been the vocalist of the new Balkan jazz project "Balkan Spirit Ensemble". In addition to purely musical work, Katya Tasheva is also active in the social field. Since the end of 2015, she has been giving music lessons to children at the school with a special educational focus "Albatros" in Karlshorst, Berlin, and is a presenter at Karuna Prevents (association for addiction prevention for children and young people). Since January 2016 she supports the team of the youth organization for Roma and non-Roma, Amaro Foro, with music courses for children.